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Are your floors looking this good?

Proper floor care is essential for preserving the appearance and longevity of floors, as well as ensuring safety and hygiene. Obanion Cleaning Service and Restoration Floor care specialists help play a crucial role in maintaining our clients aesthetics and functionality of a space, whether it's their commercial building, a school, a healthcare facility, or a private residence. Our work can have a significant impact on the overall appearance and safety of any facility environment.

  1. Floor Cleaning: This involves routine cleaning of floors to remove dirt, dust, and debris. The methods and products used may vary depending on the type of flooring, such as hardwood, tile, carpet, or vinyl.

  2. Stripping and Waxing: For vinyl, linoleum, or VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) floors, professionals may strip off old wax and apply a new wax coating. This process restores the floor's shine and protection.

  3. Carpet Cleaning: Carpeted floors require specialized cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, hot water extraction, or dry cleaning, to remove stains, dirt, and allergens.

  4. Tile and Grout Cleaning: Tile and grout can accumulate dirt and become discolored over time. Professional cleaning can restore their appearance.

  5. Hardwood Floor Refinishing: For hardwood floors, refinishing involves sanding down the old finish and applying a new one, which can bring back the natural luster of the wood.

  6. Floor Polishing: Marble, granite, and terrazzo floors often require polishing to maintain their shine and smoothness.

  7. Concrete Floor Sealing and Coating: In industrial or commercial settings, concrete floors may be sealed or coated to protect them from wear and tear and to make them easier to clean..

  8. Floor Restoration: Some older or heavily damaged floors may require restoration services, including repairs and refinishing to bring them back to their original condition.

  9. Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance services may include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and general upkeep to keep floors looking clean and safe.

Regular maintenance and professional care can extend the lifespan of your floors and keep them looking their best.

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